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The beachfront and access lanes are platted as Block 1 and are for the enjoyment of and respectful use by all RHOA homeowners and their guests.  
The condition of beach access points is fluid as fluctuating water levels continually change the waterfront.  See Member's Blog for latest updates and map of beach access.  
Beach Etiquette

Please remove all personal items from the beach by the end of each day, this includes, chairs, tents, toys and beach accessories. Chairs should not be left at the base of the beach access stairs, and will be removed. 
Dogs are welcome on the beach, but you must clean up after your pet. Please take the used bags with you, some full bags have been left on the beach access path.
Be conscious of your neighbors and take your garbage with you, do not leave it on the beach.
Please note that the Riviera Association does not endorse the use of fireworks on the beach.  Fireworks are prohibited beyond the limited days and hours defined by the New Buffalo Township fireworks ordinance.  Township is responsible for enforcement and fines.
Bonfires should be dug deep into a hole, fully extinguished and debris removed early the next morning.
Beach Flag Program
From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend Day Riviera property owners will be required to display their household beach flag while sitting on the beach.  A numbered and annually dated pennant-shaped flag, attached to a three-foot wood dowel, will be assigned to each property (one flag per household).  
For the program to be effective, residents and guests must always have the flag with them on the beach to identify residents from non-residents.  While enjoying the beach property owners are encouraged to introduce themselves to their neighbors and if someone is not displaying a beach flag confirm that they are Riviera property owners and ask them to retrieve their flag.  If they are not Riviera property owners they should politely remind them that the beach is private.
Rip CurrentsRip Currents Sign
Rip currents exist along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) websites https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/ripcurrent.html and https://www.weather.gov/safety/ripcurrent offer tips on how swimmers can avoid and break the grip of these hazards.  You can download and print the NOAA Rip Currents Sign for the benefit of your guests.
Construction Beach Access
See RHOA Construction Beach Access Policy for details about construction policy related to the beach and Block One.